Uster introduces industry language for recycled yarn

Uster - Uster Technologies, a global market leader in textile quality control based in the canton of Zurich, is presenting the new edition of the Uster Statistics at ITMA 2023. This global quality information will be supplemented with data on recycled yarns for the first time, which represent a new challenge for the textile industry.

Uster Technologies will present the new edition of the Uster Statistics at the Milanese trade fair Textile & Garment Technology (ITMA) in June. The Uster Statistics have been the only internationally recognized quality standard for 66 years and form the foundation of industry-wide quality improvement. They contain quality information with precise data from across the entire world of textiles.

The numerical values for textile quality introduced in 1948 have formed the framework for sensible fiber purchasing, yarn development, and trade since then. Now, according to a press release from the company, the Uster Statistics will include a section on recycled yarn for the first time.

The reason for introducing an industry-wide, valid quality language for this field as well is the new challenges facing spinning companies as a result of using recycled yarns. Even the smartest spinners and most modern machines cannot stop quality parameters being affected when mixing pure and recycled cottons.

When spinning new materials, Uster strongly recommends “taking both numeric test results and graphic evaluations into account, to eliminate the risk of problems in further processing” and lead textile factories toward a sustainable future. Here too, Uster’s universal quality language will be “vital in improving communication throughout the textile industry”. The press release ends with the statement: “It’s an essential debate for everyone – and Uster is ready to take the lead.” mm