Circunis obtains funding from the Seedling Foundation

Zurich - Circunis has secured financing to establish an online marketplace that can be used to trade surplus food and by-products. Following in the footsteps of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Seedling Foundation has now come on board and pledged its support up to 2026.

Circunis has gained another funding partner: The Seedling Foundation, which focuses on sustainability in the food sector, will co-finance the project aimed at avoiding food waste until 2026. The Migros Pioneer Fund was already on board. According to a Circunis press release, this means that it has now raised all the required funding for the start-up phase of the project.

Circunis is establishing a B2B online marketplace that retains surplus foods in the processing cycle, explains the Seedling Foundation’s project page. Businesses can offer their surpluses on this marketplace and save on storage and disposal costs, or request goods and make their supply chains more sustainable. Circunis supports participating businesses to get set up on the marketplace and develop processes.

Once the funding period is over, the aim is for the Circunis project to be self-supporting. The project managers are deliberately going down the funding route for the start-up period rather than approaching investors: “We want the project’s DNA and impact to be based on the principle of efficiency, rather than a return on investment,” explains the press release. “We are delighted to have found two funding partners that work with us in an impact-driven, respectful and collaborative way.” ce/mm